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We are Work Well Therapies

The idea of collaborating with Emma Fitzpatrick, my wonderful fellow Shiatsu practitioner, in a Corporate Wellness Service, began in 2019, after both observing the growing numbers of clients exhibiting office-related physical and emotional ailments.

Emma and I delivered our first onsite treatments with Capita in both their West Cork and Cork city offices in October 2019. We officially launched Work Well Therapies in January 2020, which we deliver through our own businesses.

And then Covid-19 hit in March! It was during lockdown that we developed our online shiatsu wellness consultations, on an individual and in a group capacity in order to respond to the challenges experienced by the growing numbers of remote workers. These online consultations are designed to target sitting-at-a-desk- all-day type ailments and challenges – stiffness in the neck and shoulders, sore backs, headaches, eye strain, stress, anxiety, burnout, overwhelm, lack of motivation etc. How could we translate our hands-on treatments via a screen? We broke down the elements of a hands-on session and it works!
Each Session is tailor made to the presenting issues of the employee and in the group sessions, there is a stand-alone relaxation session as well as a series of themed sessions to delve more deeply into the meridians and to cater to the diverse physical and emotional needs of the employee. What’s more, the employee will not only get a wellness experience, but also learn tools to help themselves address physical aches and emotional challenges, through de-stress tools and relaxation techniques – which is empowering!

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